What about Universal Console Ablative Generator?
I'm curious.
On the Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit there is Universal Console Ablative Generator.
Is it really useful against Borg or another "enemy"?
I'm curious about. But I don't want to buy this vessel only to spend time testing this kind of console. Especially this console is hard linked to this ship.
I just checked the STO Wiki and here's the definition/stats I found for it:

Quote:+900 All Damage bonus resistance
Energy Weapons Offline
Shields Offline

Source: <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href="http://www.stowiki.org/Universal_Consoles#Ablative_Generator">http://www.stowiki.org/Universal_Consol ... _Generator</a><!-- m -Arrow
The Ablative Armor in the game isn't just for the Borg, its good against all enemies. Will you be invincible all the time? No you won't, but for a short period of time you'll be stronger. Your shields will be down and you will only be able to fire torpedoes, so you won't be doing much damage either.

In normal PvE its probably useless, even in Elite STFs it probably won't be helpful. Maybe in PvP its better. I honestly don't know because I don't use it that much.

I own this ship for my sci, and I love it! Pair the Ablative armor with "Evasive Maneuvers" or "Emergency Power to Engines" or something else that increases your flight speed to quickly "get the heck out of Dodge"! Once you activate the armor, quickly back away to 10km or more. You can use this opportunity to use a hull heal, shield battery or shield heal to get some health back. I usually try to save a "Torpedo Spread" or a "Torpedo High Yield" to arrange for a parting gift from my aft tube. You'll find this power especially useful in Elite STF's to avoid having to use components. Be aware that I have known the Borg "invisible torpedoes" to completely go through the armor and still destroy the ship. Still, unless your dealing with the Borg "insta-kill" weapon on Elite STF's the armor works great. I think you will enjoy that ship if you buy it. If you end up buying it, I recommend you do 3 things when your around 25% hull:

1) Activate "Fleet Support"
2) Activate Ablative Armor
3) Use "Evasive Maneuvers" or something similar to back away from the enemy
4) Leave your enemy a Quantum parting gift to worry about

Then you can heal up, and re-enter the battle. It takes some practice to get this tactic down well, but when you do, you'll be glad you have it.
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Hi I'm Winchester a tactical officer.

I'm a fan of the star trek Voyager tv show so I had to get this ship.
Here is a build that works well with this console on pve and pvp for me.
It show you how it can be very useful.

Forget energy weapon damage. The most effective Sci Ship DPS build incorporates mostly Torpedoes. Don't split your power options.

The Shield Stripper

Load Out
Fore: Phaser Array (Subsystem Targeting), 2x Quantum
Aft: Phaser Array (Subsystem Targeting), 2x Tricobalt Torpedoes

Since you don't run any weapons power, use Phasers for the added disable procs. Plus it allows you to put more points into the Science tree.

TAC: Torp Spread 1 & 2
ENG: EmptS 1, Aux to Dampeners (rapid turn or Ablative protection)

SCI: ST 1 (curing debuffs)
SCI: HE+TSS (your preference), PSW 1 (stun, disables shield balancing, pushes into GW/Tykens)
SCI: Tractor Beam, Tachyon Beam, Scramble 2, CPB 3

Keep a Torp Spread que'd at all times so you can stack them, then Target Shields + Tach Beam, when you enter within 5km Tractor Beam + SS2 + CPB3, by this time you should be closing within 3km, use PSW + Torpedo Spreads.

End result is you've held your target (0 defense), stripped shields, Scrambled to make it harder for them to heal, stunned them to prevent shield balancing or healing and hit them with x2 Torp Spreads. Also, after you fire both Torp Spreads you pass the target so it is behind you and launch a Tricobalt Torp for damage+stun.

If you don't approve of Torp Spread, just swap out with THY 1 and 2. You'll do less damage, but still be highly effective. There's another powerful build involving Gravity Well and Tyken's, but it's more of a premade team build. We're using it just to prove a point with the main SOB premade (adhering to tournament rules).

different shield strip ideas can be found here.


I also find this funny " Voyager housed four standard torpedo launchers (two fore, two aft.) " this info was taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Voyager...ar_Trek%29

I hope this info helps you.


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