Help with T'varo build!
Here is my build

This is pretty much what I have right now just not the Purp mark 12s yet.

Having a huge problem with survivability in STFs, I get it's an Escort and all but my shields getting 1 shotted by the small ships is a bit retarded.

I'm also going for more of a crith/d build, it seems to be doing better damage. I also rely heavily on Gravity well.

Any help on getting this ship to hit harder and live longer is much appreciated thanks!
I'll give you whatever advice I can.  Just want to note that we can probably give more advice on the build if you include your skill tree, space reps, and make a note showing what doffs you are using.  I'll start with offense since that is the easier fix.  First I have to say it's a travesty that they only gave this ship 3 tac consoles!  Here is where your biggest fix is though.  You are currently using two slots to boost a single torp and one slot to boost your 6 energy weapons.  You'll get a massive damage boost by dropping those torp consoles and adding in the best phaser relays you can afford (getting the fleet consoles would be ideal).  Onto your boff abilities.  Your set up for doing max damage to single targets, which would be great for pvp, but that doesn't appear to be what your after.  Using grav well in pve's will usually give you situations where you are bunching multiple targets, making scatter volley and torp spread the ideal abilities.  When you get those ships bunched up and can strip the shields off of them before the first one blows up it allows that warp core breach to do significant hull damage to the other ships.  Those abilities also are pretty good in one on one situations so you don't lose that much there.  Lastly you of course want as many superior romulan operative boffs as you can get.  Unfortunately since the launch of season 9.5 the doff assignment for getting them has been bugged so you can't get them right now outside of the exchange, which if there are any left they will be way too expensive.  You can however at least get tac officers from the embassy (only the rare male officer has it so ignore the others).

Onto defense.  This is a bit harder to diagnose without seeing your skill tree, etc.  The shield your using is a decent one.  Not the best in the game but it should get the job done.  If you have the resources you might consider an elite fleet shield, but you should be able to survive with the one your using.  One very important thing to keep in mind about defense is that your speed gives you bonus defense.  It's tempting in a cannon ship to stop and shoot.  I'm guilty of it myself.  When you are stopped you get 0 bonus defense.  You get maximum bonus defense when going full speed, but any speed is better than none.  Even going backwards give some bonus (though you need to be careful not to back up too long as it creates a power drain that builds up over time).  Bottom line, instead of stopping completely to fire make sure you are at least moving slowly.

Unfortunately all my suggestions from here on will cost significant resources, but will help boost your survivability (think of them as long term goals).  Replace the Tetraburnium consoles with the fleet neutronium alloy (or one of the other variants if you choose).  For romulans the very best defensive console comes on the Valdore (c-store ship).  It can be used on any romulan ship and gives you a chance to regenerate your shields any time they are hit. Replace your sci consoles with embassy consoles (gives you a damage boost).  If you have not yet completed the rep systems you can get some good defensive traits there that might help (though most people use the offensive traits to maximize dps).

As I mentioned before, it's important to see the skill tree because that plays a major roll in your build.  If you put that up I and others on the board can probably help out a bit more.  Could be that your survivability is being impacted by something in there.  At any rate, I hope this helps.
Let's throw rocks first and then try to fix it Big Grin

I see 3 major mistakes in your build:

  1. You are a Tactical Romulan in Tactical ship... GO OFFENSIVE! 
  2. You use one torpedo and have 3 torpedo consoles to boost it's damage... GO OFFENSIVE with 3 tactical consoles to boost one energy type of your gun!
  3. You die a lot in T'varo... GO OFFENSIVE so you can kill everything before it can kill you!
Now let's fix it Wink

1. You don't need Gravity Well! Although it's fun skill to use, if you aren't Science captain or have Science ship (with GW3), it's just waste to have it. You don't need to keep crowd in front of you that way since T'varo has amazing (best) turn rate so it can flip around in no time.

2. This pretty much speaks for itself, you need to go with all 3 same energy time consoles to get maximum boost for your energy type of guns (as KG already said it in his post, it's much better to boost 6 guns then 1 torpedo, even if you use T'varo set that boost torpedo damage).

3. As mentioned in first point, you are in T'varo, turn rate is big enough to keep your defense to at least 50% (with 50% power of engines), change tactic to "roll and turn", go into enemies with 50% of speed from 8km to 3km, drop that Big Fat Orange, turn around under 100% of speed and repeat.

Now to add some info about other stuff that, in my opinion, you should change.

Get all Romulan bridge officers, with Romulan Operative or Superior Romulan Operative trait, it stacks and gives CritH+CritD and some bonus for Cloak cooldown. If you rely on Cloak, one Reman with Infiltrator (doesn't stack with other Boffs but only with captain/you, if you are Reman) should be good replacement for any "weaker" Romulan.

If you can, go with A2B build (Auxiliary to Battery) and get at least 3 green Technician Duty Officers.
You can eventually swap to 3 purple ones if you play with B'tran Cluster chain mission (last one is repeatable and gives purple Technician on Crit Success).
This is what I've been using for a while (about 9 months, and I'm flying T'varo since LoR came out), make sure to read notes.

If you don't want to go with A2B, there are other ways to survive and kill in same time.
Try with this build, it's not that much expensive (you can get blue consoles if you find purple ones too pricey).

And as KG said, give us more details, you might need Respecialization of Skills as well, many people don't know what to put where because it doesn't say what is actual bonus of each.

Jolan Tru!

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