STO on the cheap side(YOUTUBE)
This thread's video for players with new STO accounts.  Enjoy Yuzral's production.


too bad he doesn't talk about the skills he's using too Sad else those are great vids. thanks for sharing 
Yeah these are pretty good, I would also check out Just Gaming 4us as well.
Brent does a comprehensive playthrough of all the factions.
Ah, now I remember why voice sounds familiar, his videos of Ar'kif helped me in making right choice Big Grin

That Cruiser build looks interesting, and since it's cheap, I will try to see if I can fly cruisers... if not, there are always my little buzzers (escorts).

Thanks for sharing it!
An mini video for Escort  from Akurie Koibito.  His other videos focuses on Ground Combat, visit his channel if interested.


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