Skill planner won't load saved modifiers for fleet consoles
When loading a saved build from a web link (saved to my STOacademy account) it won't load the modifiers for certain consoles.

Engineering console>Enhanced neutronium alloy
Tactical console>Vulnerability locator

Not sure of any others but when I load my build and mouse over the consoles they show no modifiers selected. I have selected each console slot and cleared it then manually selected each console and didn't copy 1 console to the other slots. I have also cleared my browser history with no luck.

When I click on a console slot the top modifier is selected as 'None' and the other 3 slots are showing 'Modifier 1' and 'Modifier 2'. These are not valid options. The options are 'None' or any of the actual modifiers. Same goes for the multiplier: for each slot it shows
as 'Multiplier' when the options are 'None', 'x2', and 'x3'.

Also, I tried to add a screenshot attachment to this post but it doesn't seem to be working.

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