Tier 6 Ships?
Personally I've never been a trekky... I came to STO on a whim because I enjoy sci fi games. Because of that I have no real frame of reference to go on when thinking about the upcoming new ships.

Considering some of the monsters floating around currently I'm kind of curious about what "new" ships might fill the tier 6 category. From what's been mentioned already some of the current ships will be able to be upgraded to be competitive but the new vessels will have abilities that make them a smidge better.

So, what kind of ships might they introduce? Planet Destroyers with tactical cubes as hangar pets? Fed already has access to the Prometheus MVA which from what I've managed to dig up is supposed to be the best of the best... so what other ships might we see come October?
I think it is a bit early to consider this considering there is very little information available with the exception of them saying they will be "all new."

I highly doubt borg ships will be involved, and I hope not. But we should take this a step at a time by Cryptic's terms before getting ahead of ourselves with wanderlust and speculation.

Also folks, let's try not to have too many new threads about The upcoming expansion. There is now already 2. I don't want the forum getting out of hand with information and comments that are only necessary in one thread.
Yeah they've said they'll be new. So my guess is that these will be ships never before seen in any Star Trek movie or show. Brand new designs that for the current 2410 style that they've been working with

There is some concept art here of the first T6 ships to be released. No idea what will be in them, but from the concept art they will at least look fairly similar to the ships we are already flying.
Those FED ships look like a catastrophe
Not a fan either.

I like that second ship. It looks like a cross between the defiant and the wells. That first ship looks like a wrench.

Rom ships looks amazing, Klingon one looks ok (too streamlined imo )
but the fed ships? Star trek just left the building !
Must be a typo. The base you mentioned is Akrotiri. Wink

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I actually like the look of the new ships... they have a very Sci-Fi look to them in my opinion. But I'll admit they don't really look like traditional Federation ships. Which when I think about it might be point, trying to grab the attention of more folks like me without alienating trekky's too much.
If anyone finds anything else please post it here for the rest of us to look at.

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