Not dead, just AWOL.
Hi Guys,

just in case you wonder about my whereabouts:

I am currently at my parents in Berlin. My Dad had some serious surgery and I'm here to back up my Mom. Unfortunately her PC is not capable of dealing with STO. Well, on the bright side, I get 80k Dilithium when I return, which is around August 11, btw.

You Guys keep having fun, especially the Legionnaires! We'll have a "Big Carrier"-only ESTF when I report back for Duty. Promised. Wink

Live long and prosper, Jolan Tru and Qapla'!
Hope your dad recovers soon!

Here's to a quick recovery!
Hope he gets better soon!
When I told my Mom, that we received Get-well-Messages from Overseas, she was confused. When I got into details, she was stunned. Your compassion caught her by surprise, with a tear running down her cheek.

So not only on her behalf, but on that of my entire family and myself, I thank you very, VERY much. Your Get-well-messages for my dad are not taken for granted, they are very much appreciated.

My dad seems to recover nicely from his surgery. Fortunately he does not know his diagnosis of colon cancer.

Well, only time will tell.

Sent from TP's Cellphone.
You're welcome TP. This fleet is like the Musketeers, all for one and one for all Wink


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