Skill Point Question
Jeorj Jt'Zen Mk2

I have read that it is better to put 6 points into more skills then to put 9 points into a few skills. With that in mind I have made this new build. My current build has 9 points in the combat stuff and not much else.

I like the sneak attack when I can and I like to self-heal. Don't mind doing some off-heals in a group setting. I have years of experience in MMO's, but I have only been playing STO for about 2 weeks. I have just started on Omega rep and New Romulas. Also just finished the Breen Invasion, will start the Dyson stuff tomorrow.

I wish I could put more info regarding my BOffs but also understand that adding something like that would likely create quite a bit of bloat in the system, what will all the BOff and DOff options.

As it is, I did buy the free borg klingon boff as well as the ferasan boff. My kitty is tactical. also have a nausacin (sp?) as my second science to get the pirate trait.

Anyway, how badly did I do? Blush
The reason why it is sometimes more prudent to just use 6 points instead of 9 is because of the rather dimishing returns in the end. So, you save Skill points, that can be put to good use elsewhere.

There is a dude on the net, who actually took the effort to examine the actual returns. Just check this link:
I can almost guarantee you, that you will seriously reconsider some options in your skill set. Wink

On a personal note, I would reduce Starship Maneuver to 6 points and increase Driver Coil to 9 points. Since you are an Engineer you may want to put at least 3 points each in Starship Batteries and Starship Auxilliary Performance. I also advice to put at least 3 Points in Demolitions. It will benefit you in Ground action (Chroniton Mine Barrier / Transphasic Bomb FTW!). To do that, you can take the points from Will Power. If Will Power is important to you, then you will be able to compensate for that by getting the Counter-Command Engineering Kit from "Surface Tension". That will add +76 Will Power.
Awesome, thank you! I am looking at that site now, I have been looking for something like that fora few days but my GoogleFu has been lacking.

As for the Willpower, I just hate being Held or stunned. It really annoys me, so I do what I can to avoid it. I was unaware of the kit you mentioned so that will really help Wink

Oh yeah, how is demo ftw? When I try to place the bombs down I either get killed from standing there setting them up or they just move out of the way. Edit: It just now occured to me that the borg and undine like to melee and if I were to place mines that would help. Revamp mk4 on the way Wink

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