Quick Trait Question
This has nothing to do with the fleet but I didn't want to ask in the public sections.

For personal traits, we're only limited to 8 of them, right? I received an email from someone about the skill planner and they said we have 9???

As far as I know, 8 personal, 4 space, 4 ground, 4 active, and 1 other (which I only have Well Travelled listed in there). So that "other" slot is all I can think of. The only other thing I can think of is a way to unlock an additional personal trait slot that I don't know about.

Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks.

That is correct. Each species has one race-specific Trait plus the 8 by choice, except for Aliens. Those have 9 Traits available to make them fully customizable.

Aside from "Well Travelled" there is also "De-Programmed".
Cool thanks!


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