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NCC-1701 Refit... 1/350
(12-09-2014, 06:19 PM)WilliamThomas Wrote: What an awesome project.

Are you going to go on a world tour with that ship?

(And I hope it was the focal point of your Thanksgiving table-)

That'd be "Tour the Universe"! If only....

Nah, it's permanent home is on my desk. I have a rolltop so it sits up fairly high.



USS Enterprise, NCC 1701 (refit) has officially been finished.  Hopefully I will be able to stage some decent pictures this next weekend.

Darn near had a fatality for the ship this past weekend. I was moving it to do some final detail work and the glue joint between the saucer and the neck revealed that it was faulty.  There was a "pop" and the saucer started going in a direction I wasn't going.  

Fortunately I caught it before there was any real damage.  I'd recently acquired some high end 3M epoxy so I put that to work on the pins in the joint and parked it overnight.  Problem solved.

On the upside, that resulted in a much better fit between those parts than I had before.

And the ship is finished!

P1000624 by Wulfgar28, on Flickr

1701 Refit HD2 by Wulfgar28, on Flickr

1701 Refit HD.0jpg by Wulfgar28, on Flickr

Thanks for following along! I'm glad I did it, but this one was really pushing my skills in modeling to get it right. Even so, there are still a number imperfections. 

Merry Christmas folks!



Thank you very much for new wallpaper, you should send some pics to Cryptic in case they would replace your Screenshot with some of these Wink

Congrats on patience and tenacity with it, final work looks really worth the effort!

And Merry Christmas to you and everyone around you as well!
Beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing the journey with us.
I may try to stage a couple more pictures with some ambient lighting to get a little bit better result.  

Thanks for all the kind words!  (Except for that one Capt with the sorry attitude.  May your Targ be infested with Denebian slime worms.)  Tongue

Pretty classy ship Smile nice work!

(12-26-2014, 04:18 AM)Chris Wrote: Very well done, in fact, earlier today, I thought it was the best enterprise I have seen in some time.   

....But that was earlier today....   

Look at this monster, it looks way more delicious then yours!

I might have tho head out to http://blackmarketbakery.com/ and check out their wares....

:  )

Merry Christmas all-

I saw that one lol.  It does have me beat in edibility.  Durability is another matter...

And I have one more nice picture to add to the thread.  Hope you guys like it.

1701 Refit HD3 by Wulfgar28, on Flickr

Previous picture has been edited to fix some problems so the old link no longer works.  New version...

1701 Refit HD3 by Wulfgar28, on Flickr

And a "just for the heck of it" shot...
1701 and planet by Wulfgar28, on Flickr


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