Crafting now that 9.5 is live
All you have to do to convert your old data samples and particle traces is right-click on a single item (can't do it when they're stacked) and click on use. That'll open up a window where you can exchange them all for the new supplies.
This is gonna be a long slog for those who are running it. They are removing the ability to run multiple 6000xp projects in one school at a time. From what I've been told it takes 2,000,000 xp to reach level 20 in a school. That means running the 6000 xp project 334 times, which means running it every day for a full year to level up one school. Now, I suppose that isn't too much different from some of the doff specialties, but I was really hoping it wouldn't be quite so long. Of course you could simply pay 6,012,000 dilithium to get to level 20 in one day!

In other words, by the time you would be able to max out all the schools (somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3 years I believe using all available slots to run the research projects) the game will either be gone or the system will be obsolete. Way to go Cryptic!
Doffing is a buzz now you can buy active assignment slots. You can load up on then, expand your crew with zen, and slog it out sector by sector...I reckon they'll end up putting in purchasable crafting spaces too in time.
I can certainly understand the change regarding how many research projects can be run at one time... I mean I was honestly planning to stagger out research projects to maximize trade slots then take Engineering up for the perk unlock. Rinse and repeat for beams. Without ever actually crafting anything, kind of defeats the purpose of adding a crafting system to the game.

However I really hope they rebalance the xp gained through crafting because 1-3 hundred an hour of micro managed crafting doesn't cut it. And there's no way in hell I could be bothered playing idle-craft for the next year just to unlock a reasonable chance of crafting gear that'll be replaced by fleet parts.

But... onto the questions at hand. You really have to look at the perks provided by each school of crafting, as I said before you can "easily" get fleet everything in the time it'll take you to cap even one trade skill. But the trait you unlock can't be gained any other way. For alts I still plan on using the 20 hour project to save on materials. has a list of the traits and when they unlock.
At least it appears the traits unlock at 15 and not at 20, which makes it quite a bit more reasonable. That should take somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 months I believe.
That's only, what, about 40K zen at current DIL exchange rates? What a deal!

From what I've read the Aegis set is automatically updated but the tooltip is bugged, or just incorrect currently. I'll try to find out more.
I have tried it out. The damage immunity proc for the 2pc is great. It seems better than before for sure, although still outclassed by many of the endgame sets available now.

Has anyone looked at a beam array with the [Arc] mod? Does it basically work the same was as the omni-directional AP beam?
(07-23-2014, 09:42 AM)Dafmeister Wrote: Has anyone looked at a beam array with the [Arc] mod? Does it basically work the same was as the omni-directional AP beam?
Yes, the [ARC] modifier for Beam Arrays stands for a 360° Targeting Arc, while the [ARC] modifier for the DHCs stands for a 90° Targeting Arc.

Due to KG's statement in combination with a great amount of curiosity on my part, I took the effort to go on the Tribble server on a fact finding mission.
First of all, maxing out crafting is a bitch now and would take you 345 Days in a really worst case scenario. (2,070,000 XP needed for Level 20). But that would require you to have only common Research Lab Scientists and a huge amount of bad luck:
Based on my observations and usage of a very rare Research Lab Scientist, the outcome is more probable to be like this:
Level 15 can be reached within 93 days. I have seen no additional stuff added after getting to Level 15. So leveling beyond Level 15 really only increases your Crafting Skill, which in turn improves your chances to get very rare items when you craft.

Just remember to get three schools to Level 5 ASAP, so that you have four R & D Slots available. The fifth Slot will become available after you reached Lvl 15 in any school.

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