The quiet ones... *LONG*
Regardless of the Fleet, guild, or even game it seems like you have a very vocal minority that make up the bulk of guild chatter and more importantly participation in guild events. Even in a group with 50 active players typically you only have 7-12 of them that make it a point to ramble at one and other and team up to tackle dungeons, raids, ect. From my comparatively short time with STO A, I can't help but notice the same "issue" here. Maybe it has allot to do with folks experiences in past games...

I know I for one expected Elite encounters to be a heck of allot harder than they actually are. As it turns out I rarely suffer so much as a death let alone fail Elite STFs even in pugs. Given some matches are harder than others but over all the so called "elite" matches aren't a whole lot harder than regular runs. And that's said by someone who still can't keep track of what STF is what let alone remember all of the mechanics involved in some of them. Another aspect that's different about STFs in this game ( when compared to other games ) is the time needed to complete them. I remember spending hours trying to complete of some of the later game dungeons in past games... in STO they're generally speaking 30 minute affairs and that includes the time taken to gather a group together to run it. Now I also see folks talking about being under geared allot, if two or three people are saying it I'm sure at least ten others are thinking it. Let me put that myth to rest here and now, when a fleet group is trying to form up to run something you can be sure at least two people in the group are on the far end of the spectrum. We aren't asking folks to join because they NEED hyper geared members to succeed, we're asking because we want our friends to come out and play with us. Less than a month ago I was in primarily green tier X gear and the rest of my team still managed to get me through the STFs while teaching me the fights.

Now, as for PvP... I know it's not everyone's cup of tea regardless of the game they're playing. Let me assure you, the 15 minutes you spend blasting away at each other ends in nothing but chuckles. After a few weeks of the above mentioned STFs mixed with periodic pvp skirmishes with fleet members it's kind of neat to look back and realize you're no longer being annihilated but rather giving as good as you're getting. And like the above mentioned STF runs you're getting to know other members a bit better which makes everything in the game more fun.

So all of that said, speak up and be heard. If you're level 50 you're always welcome to join in on whatever we're up to, when we have enough bodies asking to run things we form two groups. So don't be discouraged just because one group filled up. If you dread the idea of running elites because you don't know the encounter or think you're under geared just say so and I'll run regular STFs until you're comfortable with the idea of something "harder". If you're sub 50 and just want some company on a few missions... speak up I'm sure I'm not the only one that reruns episode missions for gear & giggles. We all have real lives out side of game so we all understand when people don't have the time to do something but when you do have the time... come on in the water's fine.

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