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Well compliments of new filtering software at work, I haven't been seen around here much of late. Which rather stinks since I get some down time now and then and reading these boards was a good way to pass the time.

Still I found something entertaining to keep my interest going. Did a little old school model building.

It was something of a test. Could I build these things and get them to come out relatively decent. It had been a very long time since I tried something on this order.

First attempt, TOS Enterprise

<img src="" alt="10308357_10152351916792999_3536686629475116113_n.jpg" title="10308357_10152351916792999_3536686629475116113_n.jpg" style="font-size: 10pt;" />

This was a 1/1000 scale Polar Lights kit that was something of a surprise to be found. It came out fairly well, so I moved on to the next project/

Generations NCC-1701-B

Also 1/1000 scale, this is the AMT release. Frankly, it is NOT as good a kit as the Polar Lights model. This one also has Accreation Model Aztec decals and a Madman Lighting light kit in it. This adds up $$$ quickly. Either way it came out fairly well.

Soon, I'll start the final model I have planned. I've relearned some modeling tricks I'd forgotten over the years with these two so hopefully the last ship will make these two look rather plain.

The final ship? 1701 Enterprise Refit... in 1/350 from Polar Lights.

Ok that's weird, it was all working on the images before...

(07-18-2014, 06:10 PM)Chris Wrote: Wow, those ships look great, you have nice attention to detail.

For some reason this ship's image didn't show in your post, so I pulled it out.

Do you have few more shots on the Enterprise B, looks very sharp!

I can't wait to see the movie Enterprise! Perhaps you could keep us up to date with pictures as the project moves along!
Derned if I know why it wouldn't show. I must have tried three or four times. Limits in the board I guess.

There's the lower shuttlebay. I had trouble getting the pictures to come out for some reason. Of course the camera I use for macro shots is down until I get motivated to clean the dust off the CCD.

If I get enough requests for it, I'll do the process on the 1701 Refit. It is likely to take well over a month or two in order to get it right. Although hopefully, better aztec decals than these will make the process easier. These were not good. They cracked, flaked pigment, rolled up super easy, etc. Won't use those again.

Chris, here's the side by side of those two.

I have the kit for the 1701 refit on hand and I just about hit the floor when I cracked the box. Primary hull is nearly two feet in diameter. It's going to be an unreal build.

Well, the picture shows in the edit, but not in the post???

Go another way....


(07-24-2014, 02:24 PM)Chris Wrote: The other way worked great! Certainly nice looking ships, and very detailed work!
(Attaching files to a post is a great way to go!)

How long did it take you to paint the saucer on the Enterprise B?

Cheated like hell with extra decals, but I will never use those again. They cracked, flaked, tore, and rolled up at the slightest thing. The new build has Aztecs from Polar Lights/Round2Models and those are of a much better quality.


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