Wednesday Memory Alpha Social
Sounds like a good time. I should be able to make it. See you there.
(07-15-2014, 03:11 AM)Chris Wrote: It looks like they might be closing Memory Alpha on Thursday (if they are then releasing Season 9.5 as we anticipate.)
If Tribble is any indication, then there will just be nothing left to do there except maybe for two or three Diplomacy XP mission, which you can skip as well as the XP reward is a joke. Well at least as far as I remember.

Chris, I'll try to show up with my Atrox for the good old times. Wink
I'll be there about two hours late Tongue
(07-15-2014, 04:15 PM)Jstagg Wrote: I'll be there about two hours late Tongue
You'll still be more on time than me, I'll be there four hours late lol

Lol we'll keep it going then
I will try to make this although I will be a few hours late as well.

Btw, it looks like they finished Crafting on Tribble yesterday, so Season 9.5 does indeed goes live today. Wink
Yup, it's all in patch notes.

And it was bloody fun last night! Big Grin

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