Any laptop gurus in the house?
I need some advice.

I consider myself halfway competent with computer hardware. I've built my own desktops in the past. However, I'm not so confident with laptops.

Two years ago, I purchased a laptop from Xotic PC. It was an Xforce 1761, which is basically a rebranded version of an MSI 1761. I never had anything but trouble with that machine, starting with faulty SSDs and ending with seeming inexplicable blue screen and black screen crashes. I RMA'd it twice back to Xotic PC, and while they managed to get the SSD's fixed, all they did with the crashes was replace the graphics card, and that did not solve the problem. By that time, the warranty was over, and the computer was unusable.

I live in the boonies, but on trips, I was able to hand the computer over to two different computer repair stores. The first store said the problem may be with the graphics card or the motherboard. I replaced the graphics card. No improvement. On the second trip to those people, they said that they thought everything inside was fine, but they had a problem with my power supply. I bought a second power supply. No improvement.

The second store I took it to told me my power supplies, both of them, were fine. They identified the problem as a short on the motherboard, and said that the short was what was causing the current drop from my power supply.

I've basically ignored the problem for a while now, largely because I have too many other problems filling my life. But, I've finally got the time to take a look at my laptop again.

What I'm thinking of doing is buying a replacement motherboard. I need to identify a motherboard that would be compatible with the laptop and the current other bits I've got attached, which include the CPU, memory, graphics card, etc.

Here is what I have identified as possibilities on ebay:

So, do any of those look like a good purchase?

Can anyone suggest any other courses of action?

Or am I just throwing more good money after bad here?

I want a laptop that I can work on and game on when I need to travel. Fixing the laptop I've got would seem to be the best course of action, as long as I can succeed. Otherwise, I may need to invest in a new (or refurbished) laptop that would serve my purpose.

Thank you!
Go Asus. I'm using an R500V which has one video system for regular use and an nVidia 635m 2GB (dedicated) chipset for gaming. STO, Skyrim both run maxed out with no troubles.

No SSD however, but I tend to regard that as a potential point of failure currently. Hopefully they will improve in the future.

Note, that model has been superseded by now. Go snoop, bet you can find something similar.

I second Asus. I have a G75 model laptop from them that I love. Used it as a primary machine for over a year while relocating for work. I also can't recommend SSDs enough. I have been using them for four years now and only had one brand fail (OCZ). As of right now the mean time to failure on an SSD used for your OS or frequently used programs will be well beyond a regular hard drive if you get a good brand like Samsung or Intel. The performance is also a night and day difference. You won't go back, believe me. Smile


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