STOA at Star Trek Las Vegas
I am hoping to meet some of our fleet members at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention on July 31-August 3. I will be there all four days, but I will not have my laptop with me, so I will be reachable only by cell phone. If you are going to be at the convention let me know by ingame mail and I will send you my cell phone number. I will be staying at the Rio Hotel, where the Convention takes place, so I should be easy to find. (I'll be the guy with his arm in sling and an STOA insignia on his sleeve) I plan to be there all four days, from around noon on Thursday to around noon on Sunday. Last year's convention was a lot of fun. I met Attilio as well as a number of other celebrities, including cast members from the original "Land of the Lost", "Escape From New York", "The Aadams Family" (both t.v. and movie versions), Jaws from the James Bond movies and, of course a number of Star Trek characters.

Several of the Star Trek Online developers are going to in Las Vegas and they will be holding a panel discussion on Saturday, August 2 if anyone wants to find out what's in store for the game. They will also be having a no host reception at a time and place to be announced, somewhere in the Rio Hotel.

Hope to see you there.
Bill Ballew
a.k.a. @Warburton1881/@Mortimer221

p.s. If anybody is afraid the convention may be sold out, the seating at last year's convention was set up for up to 6,000 people in the main auditorium and about 3,000 in the secondary auditorium, more than enough to accommodate everyone who came, with plenty of room to spare.

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