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I think I commented before the code update that I was having troubles with the interface. I could view ships but weapons and consoles wouldn't display on a number of browsers. Especially MSIE8 and a not-too-old version of firefox. weapons and consoles wouldn't load. I could, however, still build and save builds. I could see what boff setups a ship had (which IMO is the important part).

Now I can't even do any of that. Now it barely loads at all. All the slots are empty, including boffs. I can't even create one from scratch to save it for later. The code works far worse on existing browsers now, after the re-code. It looks better than it used to on the ONE computer I have that can load the page, but if I'm mobile or away from that one computer, the site is useless to me.

I miss the old code. Any way to make this more compatible with more browsers?

Or, alternatively, if there isn't, can we get a read-only readout mode that doesn't have all the code in place to edit loadouts, so that I can at least read what other folks link in conversations/topics? I'm totally in the dark when they link to profiles here because I just can't view them. It makes it hard to participate.

Maybe call it print-compatible mode or something?
The code for the skill planner has been exactly the same ever since version 5 was released. The site redesign has nothing to do with that and wouldn't affect as it is only a visual redesign and not new code.

My recommendation, upgrade your IE to at least version 9+ or use a different browser. I know the site works fine on IE 9 and up as well as the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. So if it isn't working on any of those for your then my guess is something is blocking JavaScript from running properly.

As for your read-only idea, it would still require JavaScript to work and therefore the majority of the same code. Any loading problems that you experience now would still exist.

I literally cannot upgrade to MSIE9. Microsoft has bungled it so badly that the install will not process. It's not even an option to update in the auto update. I have to go into windows' webpage and find it and click the download/install. Only it never works. The install fails 100% every time because Windows 7 x64 is incompatible with installing MSIE9 (thanks, Microsoft! Really nice planning, there!). I did some online searching and there is no way around this and many others suffer the same problem. MS doesn't care. They don't even admit a problem and don't say they're working on any fix.
Leave it to Microsoft to screw up something like a browser lol. My guess is they've forgotten all about IE9 since they are already at version 11.

Yes... Because 10 was all too memorable and wonderful... And 11 is new and untested, bloated and buggy. Heck I don't even have the auto update notification that 10 or 11 are available for download on my home PC. I'm stuck with MSIE8.

This is as bad as Adobe screwing up Photoshop CS5's install so that their own install process couldn't install their own software, then they didn't bother to fix it. Literally couldn't install their own VERY expensive software.

As for the code of the page not changing: Well, SOMEthing has changed. The HTML or the optimization of it has when you redid the graphics of it all. Something stopped working. I used to have limited abilities to use the page. Now I have none.
Images, HTML, and CSS won't affect the functionality of the skill planner. I'll run some tests on IE8 as soon as I get a chance and try to find fixes. In the meantime the only thing I can suggest is using other browsers. At least they get more support than IE lol

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