Bug: Loading a build renders the 'choose a ship' menu inoperable
If I load a saved ship build, I've found that the "Choose a ship" menu only shows the current ship. The menu drops down when clicked on but no other ships are in the list.

I have to change faction for the menu to repopulate with all the ships.
After loading a build if you want to select a new one, delete the name of the ship from the input box and you'll see the rest of the ships. You might have to press Enter to get them to show up if they don't show up instantly.

Ahhhh, that box is searchable! Never realized.

Can you maybe default it to empty upon clicking it? (off clicking puts in selected ship again anyway). Also maybe change the greyed text from "Choose a ship" to "Type to search or select a ship". Something along those lines so the boxes functionality is more obvious.
I'll see what I can do

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