Undine Nicor Bio-Warship
What would be the best setup for a Rear Admiral Lower Half who has a Nicor Bio-Warship?
im looking for the same but here is ddis vet build which works for me,

i have found i can build stronger beam boats out of this then i can in tac cruisers. its far easier to keep all guns on target, and the tactical COM can be of great use for buffing or debuffing, in exchange for 1 beam and proboly DEM. i like this in pvp, i can choose between strong AOE or a direct finishing move BO3. this ship burns down anything close very quickly, and has far better ability to position then a cruiser, with the same heals and defenses as a cruiser. CPB is a nasty surprise to any battlecloaker that thinks they can escape your DPS.

TT1, FAW2, BO3, APO3
ET1, AtB1, EPtS3
EPtW1, AtB1


borg engine
borg deflector
elite plasma warp core s-w wcap amp ssr
elite shield resA/B


borg, zero point, nukara

vet ship console, leach

4 energy type consoles

required DOFFs

3 tech, 2 BO penetration doff

i swaped HE1, CBP1,TSS1
for HE1,ST1,GW1

and vet ship console for undine console

I'm new to the game and forums so can you explain what each acronym means.
(06-11-2014, 04:04 AM)moltrase125 Wrote: I'm new to the game and forums so can you explain what each acronym means.

AOE = Area of Effect
DEM = Directed Energy Manipulation
BO3 = Beam Overload III
CPB1 = Charged Particle Burst I
DPS = Damage per second
TT1 = Tactical Team I
FAW2 = Beam Fire at Will II (actually BFaW2)
APO3 = Attack Pattern Omega III
ET1 = Engineering Team I
AtB1 = Auxilliary to Battery I
EPtS3 = Emergency Power to Shields III
EPtW1 = Emergency Power to Weapons I
HE1 = Hazard Emitters I
TSS1 = Transfer Shield Strength I
ST1 = Science Team I
GW1 = Gravity Well I

Hope, I didn't forget any. Wink

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