Recruit new to STO

I found the STOA forums looking for information about the different careers and ships of STO, still learning about STO. I am still confused about about the skills for boffs and doffs and me own Captain skills, not to mention the ship loadouts.

I would like to join the STO Academy to further my education in the STO universe.

My Captain is a human, engineer, Lieutenant Commander on a Excalibur class cruiser, was making progress until the Risa event working on that now.


Lt Cmdr Reed - Lofar

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Yeah, there is a lot to know in this game. It took me about a year before I really started to understand all the ins and outs and after a few years of playing I'm still learning stuff. You'll be able to find a lot of good info here in the forums, but once your added to the fleet be sure to get on the fleet's chat channel and don't be afraid to ask questions. There are always at least a few people online who know a good deal about the game and are willing to give you advice.

I'm sure one of the admirals will see this and send you an invite soon. Looking forward to seeing you in game.
@Lofar thankyou for your interest in STOA, have you been invited to any of our fleets yet?

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I have sent the invite Smile

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Hello again,

Don't know what happened with the invite, I havem't accepted an fleet invites so don't why it said i was in a fleet already, and I checked my information and none was listed as fleet. I won't be in game until late US CST around 11pm to 4am.

I did get the STO Academy comms channel activated.

Thanks again for your patience

Lt Cmdr Reed
I'll send the fleet invite again when I get home. It should have popped up on your screen when you logged in, but if it didn't, then no worries.

Like I said, i'll send it again Smile

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