Hourly time table for Risian Summer Event

here is an hourly time table for the Risian Lohlunat Festival, that should help you to plan for maximum use.

Anytime: Flying High (Click to View)
Minute 00: Dance Party (Click to View)
Minute 16: Making Waves (Click to View)
Minute 22: Horga'hn Hunt (Click to View)
Minute 38: Making Waves
Minute 45: Castles in the Sand (Click to View)

Minimum hourly rewards when doing all missions in an hour:
138 Lohlunat Favors (only 3 correct moves in dancing, lowest outcome in the Hunt, 2x 4th or worse in the Race, one Sand sculpture outside the Sand Sculpting event)
4 Tropical Tags
0 Risian Tropical Bird Eggs

Maximum hourly rewards when doing all missions in an hour:
445 Lohlunat Favors (38 correct moves in dancing, highest outcome in the Hunt, 2x 1th in the Race, two Sand Sculptures with one turned in during Sand Sculpting Event)
24 Tropical Tags
1+ Risian Tropical Bird Eggs
Someone who does these ... 3 hours a day, could end up with quite a bit of rewards eh?

Thanks for putting this together TP. Really helpful in planning.
Thanks, TP!
Pushing this thread from last year. The Timetable seems still to be in effect.
There is also a new timer window popup I've seen via Reddit which will tell you when the next events are occurring.

Reward outcome updated.

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