Odyssey & Bortas Bridge Screenshots
I got these from the tribble test server. Both bridges look great!

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I don't think they're going to be bridge packs. I'm 99% sure that they come with the Odyssey and Bortas ships and are only available on those ships. Which makes sense because the shape of the bridges matches those ships.

Curse you Attilio! First cryptic now you taunt me with that awesome federation bridge. Though the KDF one looks cool also.

Edit: I jumped on tribble and gave this thing a spin. I love the consoles it comes with but am a little worried by it being three ships. Does this mean you would have to buy it three times to get all the consoles? (not that i need all of them but they are all cool) Hopefully this will not be the case.
The info is in the blog on the STO homepage. You can buy each ship for 2000 C-Points each, or all 3 in a bundle for 4000 C-Points. Each ship (Operations, Tact, and Sci) come with a different console

Ug so they are seperate ships. Hmm be a tough choice as they all have the same Boff slots, loving the universals btw, and only have a single extra console slot of the appropriate type. Though all of the consoles are usefull seems like the escort and the worker bees would be the most useful of the three.

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