Small Craft Weekend
(05-28-2014, 09:29 PM)Chris Wrote: Hey all,

There is a neat "Small Craft Weekend" this weekend to get us geared up for our WarGames Small Craft PVP next Wednesday!

They have updated some of the missions for use with small crafts, like No Win Senario! (Hey, I'll run it once with a small craft, but I assume even facing fighters it will be the pounding!

(If not It's my way to get the STOA Kirk medal!!)

More info can be found here!
FFA, KFA, NWS and StS require 20 Players? I hope people are into shuttles, otherwise the wait could be trying. Wink Anyway, if I can find the time, I'll be game for that.
Yeah, I know what you mean TP. Especially since most are fed only/kdf only. It might not be terrible on the fed side but on the kdf side it will likely be impossible to get a match going (as most kdf only queued missions are). That being said, I'd sure like to see more small craft content like this. I'm guessing they are going to use this weekend to gauge the popularity of small craft content.

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