What kind of weapon they are using?
Yesterday I played space Elite STF "The Cure".
I noticed some players have red beam with long range. This kind of weapon is really... useful They can hit and shoot raptors and bird of prey really quickly.
Also some players have weapon like machin gun. I mean their ship doesn't shoot a beam but like a machine gun. What is this weapon?
Also there is something else makes me jealous :oops: I noticed many player can shoot several target in the same time.
I'm looking on the C-store, I'm looking on the store we pay with dilitium. But I don't find this kind of weapon. Too much weapons without any nice explanation. I have not much dilitium. I can't craft because I'm earning point.
Does anyone know about those kind of weapon and those kind of ability in the game?
Thanks in advance to let me know Big Grin
The red beam I believe is the antiproton energy weapon type.

The "machine gun" is a cannon/turret and can only be equipped to escorts, the Dreadnought cruiser, and apparently the Odyssey as well.

Shooting several targets with beams comes from the BOff ability, Fire at Will.


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