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Hi there! Big Grin

I've been struggling to find a 'permanent' build for a while now. There are so many different suggestions and so many skills with little skill points...

Anyways, I wanted a skill tree that could go with any build. I can't respec everytime I want to try something different, so I've been trying to find a balance. I'd like your opinion on this one:

I usually go with beam boat [Hilbert's suggestions ], but I want to be able to use cannon/torp or whatever other setups there are Big Grin. I don't do much PvP, but I'd like to be able to be 'decent' at it if I try.

I'd also appretiate build suggestions [Boffs, Doffs, Equips]. I'm not very familiar with the equips out there, so any suggestion would be helpful. ^^ Oh, and this is supposed to go with Plasmonic Leech.

Tried having a look but all i can find on that link is your skills Huh
Can't suggest build if you don't give us anything to work with buddy... what profession, ship, etc. What do you have unlocked in terms of equipment, doffs, etc.

I mean a good starting point would be to get in a space ship because you need one to fly around in.


@Snerwuol, It is only the skill tree.

And that's the point of the 'General' skill tree I was saying. It is supposed to be good enough for any ship setting [ship, weapons, shields, etc].

@SeedyGeorge, It's for a Tactical officer [It's in the thread's name Big Grin]. And I was hoping for any ship build suggestion, because even if I don't have something I would go after it. The only thing I can't hope for is Subscriber stuff.

So sorry if it wasn't clear before. xD

Ok cool - i get what you are saying - its just that is very hard to only look at one component and really have an opinion. Depending on what gear you use - the skills should compliment your ship build - mines, Beams, Torps for instance (what kind of weapon type you see your end game ship with) , More or less turn rate/speed (Depend on ship use) - are you looking for more DPS or more Shields and Hull.

The point is, skills, in my opinion is always a tricky balance that should compliment your style of play combined with your ship and off course not forgetting what traits you use.
My advice would be to always keep some zen handy so once you feel you have a relative good ship build you feel like sticking for a wile - and then add your skills on top of that - rather than trying to setup your skills perfectly and adding a ship on top of that.
You may want to check the Starship Skill Effects Table. It will make you reconsider some of your Skill choices. Wink
Who even cares about skill choices anyway. They are so.. not defining characteristics of builds.

Pick a ship and go from there. A level 50 tac fed should have, what, a patrol escort or an advanced escort knocking around somewhere, right? Something like that?

Double post because bump.

Here is a vaguely generic and pretty cheap build for an Advanced Escort.

To be honest, Patrol Escorts are probably better, but I like AA's more visually.

Couple thoughts:
- All energy, no torps. Because simple.
- You only need Omega Rep for Borg Gear - in my opinion it's pretty much the best beginner rep system.
- Doffs should be 3xDamage Control Engineers (pretty straightforward to get - buy greens if needed), and then whatever you want really. Something to buff tractor beam, or attack patterns, etc.
- I've left some of the equipment blank because I'm lazy, but also because I don't know shit about Warp Cores. You get an ok one free from Dyson missions, so probably just use that for starters.
- Resilient shields are usually considered the best - the MACO set is pretty hot.


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