Thoughts on my build
Hi Everyone,

I need some advice. Here is my current build:

What I'm looking for is some advice on how I can improve my build. I have had this setup for quite a while now and although it is fun, I'm curious about options I haven't yet considered. Or, alternatively, if there are some glaring holes in my setup, please let me know. I won't be offended.

I'm no expert at this or any other game for that matter. Honestly the weakest component in my build is the guy flying it. All I generally do is fly around spamming everything with FaW and TS. There isn't a LOT of strategy involved, just watching for when my Aux tops up so I can pop HE or send out some more shuttles.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like a pretty solid build so I don't have too much to add. I do see your running plasmonic leach so you may want to consider putting some points into flow capacitors. It also looks like you have a couple ground traits listed. Now that we can swap them out at will there is really no reason to not go with all space traits in space (unless of course you don't have any more). That's pretty much all I have. Just some minor tweaks here and there. Its already a very good build as it is.
I would probably drop the MACO set in favor of fleet gear or something with a better bonus overall. Alternatively you could switch in the Borg space set 2pc or Dyson 2pc to give you more tank ability and then drop your Engineering universal boff for a tac boff instead. You don't need to run both 2 copies of A2B along with MACO cool down bonus as you hit diminishing returns.

You would probably do more dps overall by dropping the torp fore and adding another beam, converting to a broadside build... Especially if you get some of the doffs for beam shield penetration and cool down on beam skills. Then you could also respec out of projectile skills and put a lot more points into other space skills.

Thanks guys. Exactly what I was looking for. Some good suggestions on different ways to do things. I'll do some experimentation and give them a go. A respec sounds like a great place to start - I haven't done it in years.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

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