Starship Shield Emitters skill - what is it good for?
I have been (very slowly) working on developing a tactical captain. The Starship Shield Emitters skill seems to be highly recommended in some quarters, but the details of what it actually does is vague. Even the official description seems incomplete: "This skill improves all starship shield repair and healing abilities. Examples include: ..." What? Not even a complete list???

The skill does affect the Science Team ability, and for that alone I should perhaps invest in it. I think it has been established that it does *not* improve your shield regeneration rate. Still, I was wondering if anyone had more information about how this skill might be useful for a tactical captain. Thanks.
Things like Emergency Power to Shields, possibly Rotate Shield Frequency, Transfer Shield Strength etc

I have full points in shield emitters. For a Tact Captain, you will rely on your shields as you know Tongue

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I think the main driver for shield regen rate is simply how much power you have in shields at the moment, per


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