help with my fleet heavy escort carrior
so i dont have a damage meter, but every time i am in a stf someone post one and i am doing 7-9k dps but i cant figure out what i am doing wrong. here is a link to my ship . any help will help thank you for your time
Honestly, your probably doing just fine. The high dps totals come from doing a lot of AoE damage, so if you want to see your dps numbers go up you could replace your CRF and THY with a second copy of CSV and TS. I'd also look at replacing one of your engineering slots with emergency power to weapons. This will help sustain your weapon power while firing your cannons. A lot of it comes from how you fly too. Making sure your using all your abilities continuously and getting as close to your target as possible since cannons lose power the further you get from your target. Frankly though, as I said above you are probably doing just fine. The way dps is read by the log really slants heavily in favor of AoE attacks, meaning beam FAW will show significantly higher dps than cannon rapid fire, even though you are doing much more damage to your target with the cannons. So, if your worried about getting into the dps race and joining the dps channels you need to switch over to an AoE build, otherwise stick with what your doing. I've never been able to get more than 10K dps out of a cannon rapid fire build either, but it does as much or more damage to a single target than my 20K FAW build does.
I agree. The build is fine, it is probably how you are approaching combat if anything that may need improvement. That is harder to diagnose though via skill planner. What kind of doffs are you using for this build?

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