Fleet Patrol Escort Refit

Tanky build I came up with after testing the Tempest refit for a bit in Undine BZ and eSTFs.


I dunno. What doffs are you using? Is AtB any good if you aren't going full cheese and taking Techs? I'd either take EptW/EptS/DEM with some Damage Controls, OR go full AtB.

I mean, this ship is absurdly good, so you could basically do anything with it and have success, but your build at the moment is a little confusing.

I have 3 torp cooldown doffs, 2 technicians, and 1 floating space warfare specialist depending on what content I'm playing (Undine/Borg/etc. increased damage).

I only need one copy of A2B to keep my power levels maxed, since I am using Plasmonic Leech as well.

Eh, A2B is more for the cooldown reduction than the power levels. Tbh I'd take another copy and a third technician.

I'll have to test it out and see what I prefer better.

Interesting build you have there.

If it was pure PvP build, I would suggest same, to go with full A2B build and get out all those AoE skills, but for PvE, and because you are Tactical, I would suggest only minor changes.

Attack Pattern Omega with Cannon Rapid Fire gives most damage if it's CRF2-APO3 combo then APO1-CRF3.

Second change would be Transfer Shield Strength with Science Team as it gives more shield heal, Sci debuff cleaning and it's not dependent on Auxiliary power level.
On the other hand, both Aux heal skills would work great if you use AuxBattery after each usage of A2B.
I will presume it's second tactic that you use.

A2B is great skill (if you don't have other Doffs, or care about them) for Tactical captains as it's not just boosting power to other "more important for escorts" subsystems, but also in combination with Tactical Initiative helps in reducing CD of all Tac skills.
Yeah what he said. Sounds good. Do those things and you'll kill more stuff faster.

Thanks, I will swap my skills around and test that today.

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