Kar'Fi drain build
Hi all,

I threw this together the other day on the basis that I love seafood.

Any thoughts? I'm interested in hearing things that'll help me drain even more (not too fussed about shields, more power levels - although I'm open to negotiation).

So yeah, have at it. Or tell me it's shit, that's fine too.


I'm not sure there is too much more you can do to upgrade the energy drain other than upgrading to the highest level consoles and weapons available. Also, there is probably a deflector out there that would boost flow caps, but I don't remember which ones off hand. You don't have your skills listed but I assume you have flow caps maxed there as well. The only real suggestion I can come up with is to replace one of your transfer shield strengths with a tractor beam to hold your opponent in the tyken's rift.
Yeah, I definitely considered including a doff'ed tractor beam, but I worry about my toughness. This way I can keep TSS active pretty often, benefiting from my high Aux as well.

I think the Jem Hadar set buffs FlowCaps? But I'm not sure if it's any good.

JH set shield is probably the best piece due to the kinetic and crew protection but the whole set can work. That would be fun on this with phased polarons especially if you convert it to a broadside build with BFAW all over.

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