Siege Scimitar
I thought I'd kick things off by posting my Scimitar build. It's built for straight up estf dps. Any suggestions on how to get more out of it would be much appreciated (currently get roughly 19-20K out of it in ISE).

**Skill tree is not currently accurate and I have not yet added doffs to the notes. I'll update when able, but any general suggestions for the skill tree are still appreciated.
(05-06-2014, 07:01 PM)Chris Wrote: Hey there KG,

Looks like a beast, and I'm sure that the 'E' in PvE is cringing!

I did have a question, I feel like I've asked you this before, and figure by posting the question here some others might also be able to learn something!

You are using the Honor Guard Shield and Deflector, getting the two piece set bonus for Torpedo and Aux regen from that. (but missing out on the Mask Energy Field) in order to get the engine bonus from the Borg Impulse Engine.

For skills, you have alot of points in Gavitron and Particle gen that you don't use in this build, but I'm sure you captain uses it with other ships!

Over all it looks very solid-

How does it handle facing the undine in Fluidic space?
I have graviton and particle gen high for the gravimetric torpedo (though I do use gravity well with other builds also).

When it comes to the choice of engine, that has a lot to do with plasmonic leach. The honor guard engine is efficient at low power, but the borg engine (and omega for that matter) perform better at high power levels. Since my power levels are usually above 50 the honor guard engine doesn't perform as well. Plus, in pve I don't really use mask energy. In pvp I would probably go for the full honor guard set.

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