Has anyone noticed the we are getting lots more weapons, kits ,kit modules ect. We got an increase in out inventory and bank slots which was great. also we got an increase in the amount of Fleet members also great. Now we have 500 members in our fleet and our Fleet Bank is suffering and stretched to the Max.would everyone agree the a lot more slots in Fleet Banks would be a good idea?.. let me know what you all think about this idea...

The slots in the fleet banks are expanded to the maximum at the moment.
Cryptic should hopefuklly do something there

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(05-02-2014, 11:43 AM)Jstagg Wrote: hopefuklly

I like that word!

Yup, we all wish they do something more for Fleets, besides Bank slots, few new ranks (even if they cost and come as project) would be great as well for bigger Fleets like ours.
Expanded fleet rights for costs would actually be great, but nevertheless, it isnt something I see then implementing soon. We can only suggest it to them and see what happens

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