New torpedo launcher needs adding to skill planner
Very rare Adaptive Transphasic Torpedo Mk XII [Dmg]x3 [Borg]

You get it the first time you play the revamped episode 'Fluid Dynamics'. It's a once in your character's lifetime thing so you only get it once per character. Smile


(04-28-2014, 02:34 PM)Chris Wrote: MonkeySlap,
Two questions, not really applicable for a bug report thread (but they are quick. ; )

How do you like that Torpedo? Might be good with the Breen set to boost it. (Though we will only have one, so not great for a torpedo boat vs the Borg. [Perhaps with Transphasic Rapid reload torpedoes on the sides...])

Second question, did you name your powerful dreadnought after the Highlander 2 movie, the Quickening? (Hopefully it's just the second ship of that line, as that movie was not my favorite Highlander film!)

Well this section of the forums is labeled "Bug reports and site suggestions" and this was a suggestion.

The torpedo is decent. I wouldn't use the breen set against the borg since I found a long time ago that it's pretty lackluster. Never tried a torpedo boat because I like shooting beams and cannons depending on the ship.

Haven't seen that movie in 20+ years but it did pop into my head when I went to name my fleet dreadnaught cruiser. The Highlander is my fleet exploration cruiser retrofit, the other galaxy class. Smile

Edit: I forgot to add that the reason why the movie popped up in my head is because when the saucer is separated, it looks like my ship is missing it's head.

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