Tactical Captain - Science Vessel!
Hi folks!

I am in a bit of a quandary!

I have been levelling up my newest Captain, he is tactical but focusing on science ships.

He's been doing well so far, but unfortunately I am a bit "redundant," when it comes to science ships. So I am calling out to you!

I have very little clue as to how to set up a science ship properly, and some of you may just say "give up and go home," but I am here to learn Tongue

I need to know some effective BOFF layouts (namely for the Tactical Vesta, and the Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit), perhaps a little help with builds and how to use auxiliary power a bit better.

Any help would not go unnoticed, no matter how critical.
(Although if you are too critical, I will cry)

Thanks in advance Smile
I have what I think is a solid build for the tac vesta on one of my characters. He's a science captain so there may be a handful of things that aren't relevant but I think for the most part they are interchangeable. Here is a link: http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?buil...vesta_2423

The skills could use some tweaking but I like the build otherwise. It's designed for both power drain and crowd control, but also does solid damage. Probably not great for PvP because its sort of a jack of all trades build but it is solid in PvE. I regularly get 10K plus dps in stf's with it. I don't spend a lot of time on this character so haven't really tweaked the build to maximize it, but it's a solid starting point.

You'll notice I don't use the aux cannons. I have a few reasons. I don't like phasers in PvE and I think at this point in the game's development that beams are a better option. I also don't want my aux. power to be drained by the cannons. I want maximum aux power for the science skills. For power set up I keep it set at 85/15/15/85. With the skills and equipment this gives me 111/40/46/104 power levels. When you hit that grav well it's pretty devastating.

I hope this is helpful.
My character is tac, and I do make good use of a few science skillswith some impressive results... I have noticed that the Borg really don't like gravity well at all...

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