New website layout
Glad to hear it! Big Grin Thanks

Yeah I'll give a +1 to the new look too Smile
Thanks! Smile

(04-23-2014, 09:55 PM)Chris Wrote: Attilio,

The new layout looks excellent, especially on mobile devices. Thank you for all the time you put into it!

Agreed. Btw, your "request" to not use Ad Blockers is ingenius. It actually made me feel guilty, so I deactivated my Ad Blocker immediately. Big Grin
I wish it's green instead of blue.... but that's just because I'm used to play with Romulans Wink

Awesome work!
I still haven't checked mobile version of Skill Planner, but so far what I've seen is improvement for mobile phones/tablets.
And my scroll wheel thanks you that header navigation is following us deep to the bottom of page (My Account/Blog/Community and all that)!
Thanks TP, I thought it would be a clever approach lol hopefully you're not the only one who unblocks them Smile

Xhopeon, thanks. I needed that menu to scroll with the page, especially for mobile. I'm actually thinking of allowing logged in users to choose different themes for the site, but I'd have to design them first. Then if there are any special themes, like summer/winter/anniversary, they'll display instead of the other ones. It's only a concept for now

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The My Account link changes to Sign In when you're not signed in.

I'll think about the other stuff you mentioned for the menu

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I like it ... very nice. Very consistent across the site.


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Beautiful redesign on the website. I've come across two issues with the skill planner: the first one is that I couldn't find a way to bring up the Skill Planner Builds on my 7 in. Samsung Galaxy using Chrome (ended up entering the url directly). The second item is in the planner itself, I couldn't put any consoles, warp/singularity core, or main deflector into a new skill plan because of the number of bonuses that can be applied to those devices were too long, pushing the top drop-downs off of the page and scrolling the window just scrolled the bottom, not the pop-up window.

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