Let's get silly.

Ok, right - let's throw some derpy but potentially still effective builds around. Feel free to get unorthodox! Don't worry too much about going into detail about your skills (because these are wacky builds - not intending to respec for them), and don't worry about pushing for extreme high-end gear, try to work with what you have available.

For my first entry, here's a ship we're going to call 'the greased weasel'. It's designed to run rings around you, spamming Aux to Damp, Attack Pattern Omega and Beam Fire at Will. Blockade Runners are already pretty damn nippy, but this one should be essentially uncatchable. You'll probably by trashed by beamboats, but anything packing DHC's will be essentially unable to target you, so that's nice. Gear is nothing special - the standard Borg/Maco combo, with Assim module and Cutting beam (most people have these, right? They're good...) for the passive. Since I'm a Sci officer I pumped for Chrons and Polarons, with the Leech for extra annoying funtimes. Doffs aren't anything complicated either - 3 damage control, 1 energy weapon, 1 torpedo. Probably works best in teams, but should be moderately successful at messing up lone escorts as well - they can't kill what they can't target.

Now.. go!

Ok, I'll take a shot at this. I call this build Rabbit Droppins. The idea here is to use Deurterium supply to speed into the enemy and drop multiple mines, then pound away with DBB and a torp to finish them off. Some of the mines are for damage, others for crowd control.


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