Fleet Kits in Season 9
Hmm so is it impossible to trade in for a MK XII Eng Kit that has 3 Fabrications (e.g Turret, Mortar, Seeker) and 2 Mechanic (Mines, Bomb)?
I had all three Fleet Engineering Kits and traded them for parts. The FE "Surface Tension" offers an Engineering Kit that allows for your desired setting.

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Interesting. You know, reading through that response there is really nothing in that list of things they don't do that covers this situation. Honestly though, knowing how they operate I wasn't expecting anything different. They hose players who buy stuff right away on a pretty consistent basis. How many times have we seen them come out with something new items only to have them nerfed within a couple weeks? It happens all the time. It just pays to wait when it comes to STO I guess. In this case, you would have had to wait, what, six months? Oh well.

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