Unexpected Maintenance
Time for weekly "unexpected down time"
I really hope they figure out a fix for whats causing this soon
I logged out 45 minutes ago and come back to find I apparently took the server with me. Sorry guys lol.
I say we keel haul cpc for killing the servers

Edit: after checking the sto forums and not even being a projected up time yet im going to watch Office Space. Big Grin
Excuse me , I believe you have my stapler...
Thank christ i finished that stf just before the servers went down.

This is getting ridiculous though Tongue
Ok Cpc no longer deserves to be keel hauled.
I haven't been on the game all day and now when I'm ready find out you all broke it.... :?
Just kidding Big Grin
blargh must jump on now
I think I've found a way to make sure all my clocks are the right time in the house. I'll just set my clocks by the server crashes at cryptic. Messor; I agree, we should keel haul them. Mutiny on the space dock!! Maybe this time they they will figure something else out to write on the forums to make us feel all warm and cozy. They either need some IT geniuses over there, or an exorcist. Why don't they just get some of Eric Schmidt's guys over there. Google has become the poster child for server stability. I hope they don't extend the lock box event *again* because of this. At this rate, we may never be rid of those blasted things!
Field Admiral
STO Academy Fleet
Add a pinch of copper, a hint of lime, and 200,000 volts of pure antiproton and.....


So server is down again. Probably would be a good time to go mow my yard since i cant play STO for a while now.
What should you be doing, that you probably arent, while you wait for the server to get fixed?

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