Unexpected Maintenance
Attilio Wrote:Sorry its all my fault. I was killing too many Borg. The Borg Queen got mad and assimilated the servers lol

um no, as you learned earlier today everything that goes wrong online is MY fault lol.
no need to fight boys, lets just say that YOU both did it!
Hmm someone just pointed out in the main thread, which I had not previously noticed, that cryptic forums do not adapt to your local time and instead are PST. So their 1.5 hour estimate was posted only about an hour ago since it is currently only about 6PST
half an hour left then? lol
In theory
In the meantime, I will write my Captain's log....

Alright it looks like the servers won't be back up. We'll postpone the ceremony. I'll send out a fleet message when I wake up in the morning.

meh guess that was my line to hit the hay :S 3am now was hoping that we could have gotten the ceremony up and running but alas i think that this server down was all a big plot against us to prevent us from having it :S

nah but seriously i say we move the ceremony lol i would really like to be there for it but i'm tired now so off to bed i go ^_^ cya all 2morrow
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Have a good night

"UPDATED @ 6:12pm PST: Current ETA of getting back in-game is about another 1 hour from this post, give or take. This is subject to change, but it is our best estimate right now.


Brandon =/\="

So looks like it should be up in another hour. just in time for me to have to get ready for work lol.

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