Unexpected Maintenance
lol i didnt want to be crude and say "what are you waiting for! slap on a rubber and jump in the sack."

But yes I see your point on the "compensation" Smile
Your Right Attilio, itl be around 3am for me. I'll still be awake anyhow
true stf stuff is meant to be earned but u can imagine how annoying it would be if u were doing something on say elite or doing normal for ure very first and make it all the way thru and all u need to do is pick up ure reward and ure a happy camper and whaaaam server decides to do a cartman on u "S**** u guys, i'm going home" and all ure left with is a login screen telling u that cartman has left the building. now that is annoying imo. oh yeah i did try to censor my cartman quote lol ^_^

LOL @yash, i aint a sleep creep if u know what i mean lol
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imagine my shock as i try to log in to the game after my first inturuption of an unannounced visitor (hate that) only to find the server down lol. I just discovered that i really like Feedback Pulse and was having a great time doing my defari dailies and a couple mirror event runs. now im stuck wishing i didnt answer the door lol.
I hope, upon logging in after, we get a hail from Q
The server downtime must be caused by the solar storm hitting us.....need to get my sun block, dark shades on.
Considering their '1.5 hour' post time frame was up about an hour ago Id say they either have no clue when its going to be up or it should be up very soon.
Sorry its all my fault. I was killing too many Borg. The Borg Queen got mad and assimilated the servers lol

fs man lol

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