Galaxy X
oky guys what do you think abaut this one ?
Definitely: Move one of your AtB's to the other Lieut slot. Ditch Aux to Struc and take Engi Team instead at Lieut Comm.

Maybe: Move FAW to Lieut, take a Torp Spread at Ens.

Nice gear, by the way.

Here are some changes that I would made: Rebuilt Galaxy X
EPtS3 will keep your shield up and while it's on CD you have TSS2
TSS2 + HE1 is better combo then TSS1 + HE2.
Some changes to Reps as well, going for full offensive + Placate will boost your damage and hide you from enemy sensors.
On skill changes, some really don't do much of a difference in 6-9 points, and having Maneuvers maxed will keep you as hard target.
All X-Performance skills give smaller amount of power to subsystem in scale form 6-9 points then 5-6 points, really waste of points that can help in boosting other skills.

Not much of a difference comparing to your original build, which is amazing as it is, but should be slightly more effective.
Yeah, good points on TSS and EPTS, actually. Consider those.

A few things to consider:
  • I wouldn't recommend four neutronium consoles. Damage resistance suffers badly from diminishing returns; after the second console, their effectiveness levels off significantly. Those consoles only protect the hull anyway, so there's no way you're going to need four unless you're building for PVP and you want protection against crazy shield bleedthrough from premade teams.
  • I second what SeedyGeorge said about moving AtB. Move it down to the Lt slot. In addition, I'd use EPTW3 if you really want to put out the hurt.
  • What duty officers are you using? I'm assuming you have three technicians, correct? It would help a great deal if you listed them in the Desc & Notes tab.
  • [A- >W] warp cores are not a good idea on aux2batt builds because your auxiliary power is constantly being drained every ten seconds. I'd also pick one that has [AMP]--- you'll get an additional 3.3% damage for each subsystem with its power at 75 or above.
You know, I'm wondering how a single cannon build would do on this. AtB FAW is a bit.. cookie cutter, isn't it? Hmm.

A single cannon build is definitely viable, but it's never going to do as much damage as your standard cookie cutter beamboat. It'll do about half as much. But in the interest of fairness, it's worth noting the amount of damage you put out would still be a great deal more than your average player.

I flew a single cannon aux2batt Excelsior about a year ago. Crazy fun. Man, I miss that ship. I should take it out again.
I'm going to try and bang one out this week sometime and see what it's like. Better spike, probably.
EDIT: I'll pop along to the wargames if my schedule works out and try and rustle up a single cannon build.


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