All-STOA Contribution Contest
Hello everyone,

last night the Legion Contribution Contest ended and turned out to be a huge success. 234 Legionnaires contributed a total worth of more than 22 million Energy Credits in the last three months.

So I decided to expand the Contribution Contest to include all members across all our Fleets.

When and how long does the Contest take place?
There are three periods that count to for this contest:
  • 03/31/2014 22:00 UTC - 06/30/2014 22:00 UTC
  • 06/30/2014 22:00 UTC - 09/30/2014 22:00 UTC Cancelled
  • 09/30/2014 22:00 UTC - 12/31/2014 14:00 UTC Cancelled
What do you have to do?
Contribute as much ressources as you can spare. Fleet Marks, refined Dilithium, Commodities, XP, common Duty Officers. Especially Duty Officers are always needed. You can recruit them at Starfleet Academy, Klingon Academy and New Romulus Command. NOTE: Romulans can also recruit from the Academy of their Ally. You could also "sacrifice" some Fleet Credits to buy Fleet DOFFs at the Fleet Starbase. You get some Fleet Credits back, when you contribute those. So it is not really much of a loss. Wink

What is in for you?
The Top 3 contributors will get Lock Boxes of choice and the Lock Box Keys to open them. The distribution will be:
  1. Place will get 20 Lock Boxes of choice and 20 Lock Box Keys to open them
  2. Place will get 10 Lock Boxes of choice and 10 Lock Box Keys to open them
  3. Place will get 5 Lock Boxes of choice and 5 Lock Box Keys to open them
How do you know your progress?
I will regularly sum up your contributions across all your characters in STOA and list them on the Account Level in a Google Spreadsheet. It will show your overall Contributions to the Academy, the Militia and the Legion as well as the grand total.
I will post the Link to it in this post, as soon as I made the first update.

How can the Fleet afford this contest?
By having a crazy Legion Admiral. Tongue

Good luck, Folks. Now start helping your Fleet Holdings and get your rewards. Smile

Live long and prosper / Qapla' / Jolan Tru

P.S. This is NOT an April's Fool joke. I mean it!
MODERATOR: Please sticky this Thread. Thank you. Smile
As promised in the OP, here comes the Leaderboard

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