Easy Dilithum for Klingon Characters
I was just watching someone stream on Twitch and he showed me how to earn easy dilithium on Klingon characters from DOFF missions. I found a guide for it here.
Ah, yeah. One of the best parts of having a Klingon aligned character. My two kdf's farm enough to keep 5 characters turning in contraband daily. It's an awesome thing to take advantage of.
Yep, that is one of reasons why I invested in additional Doff mission slots.
And combined with Path of Warrior you can get rich in no time Wink
Path of the warrior is great. Used to run it every day. It got old fast though. I mostly stick to stf's now to fill out the daily dilithium.
I can't believe how well this works. Collecting 8k a day was starting to feel like work but the character I just started yesterday and have been pumping EC from my main into for Doffs already has 7k with only 11 Doffs. Now I feel like with all the dilithium I have from MI all I need to do is get a second character setup for this and I'll have plenty for anything I want. I don't know how I'm ever going to get through the 50k from MI unless I start only logging onto that character to refine until it's gone. The only thing I used my main character for yesterday was to farm EC for my new character and now he's up over 60k waiting to be refined.
Personally i find that the BZ (Battle Zone) in Dyson Sphere is giving me my daily Dill without to much fuss. Doing the daily missions can bring in as much as 6-7k dill in less than and hour (if teamed up with at least one party member).
Then doing a few Rex runs takes me over the daily limit. - The Dyson ground set is so cheap as well - once you have your self and 2 boff's setup - it makes for easy killing!!
Its quite fun once you get to know the layout of the map and the paths to the different zones.
But that's with a max level character and my only max level character has so much unrefined dilithium from the MI event that it's waste to farm dilithium with him right now. Plus if you want to convert dilithium to Zen one character just can't refine enough dilithium to get Zen quickly and that's what I want to do.

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