Hi Everyone maybe you can offer any advice
Thanks again for accepting me in to your fleet i was hoping you can take a look at my build and offer any advice on improvements please

It does well i can deal a fair bit of damage and i can tank quite well so anything you think can improve my damage that would be great

I am looking to get the Fleet Dreadnought so i will have the extra Taccy slot aswell


I do have some other consoles that arnt on the ship so any advice let me know and i can work to get them if i havent allready

Cheers in advance.

I would get rid of the spare point you have in several different skills in your tree for one thing. Those points can be placed elsewhere I think.

Take all the points out of Starship Projectile Weapons. As a cruiser you will want the points to focus more on energy type, and even if you are using projectiles, it isn't a "need to have" skill.

By doing those two things, you actually free yourself up a lot of skill space to work on ground, and maybe do some other things!

Why do you need starship stealth?
Why do you need starship attack patterns when I can't see either of your tactical officers using these, AND you're an engineer, so you can't use those abilities yourself anyway.

With all those points you can free up and work on ground, you wont be limiting yourself as much.
Hi All

Im a close freind to john and have been playing STO since the beginning with john, we have pretty much the same setup so i wont be posting my setup as john has done his, however i would also appreciate any advice on the load out john has put up in the forums.

First of all: Welcome to the STO Academy.

I think you will find many Console and Weapons in the Fleet stores, that will be to your liking and that will enhance the effectiveness of your ship.

That said, here comes my opinion:
  1. Respec your Skills. Starship stealth is a waste. Reassign the points from Warp Core Potential into Warp Core Efficiency. Rethink about how many Skills you want to have maxed out as the last three points in the Skills only give you a 15% boost. You can find the actual results of your skilling here.
  2. Once you have loosened some skill points, consider putting some into Graviton and Particle Generators, then get a Gravimetric Torpedo Launcher from the Dyson Joint Command Reputation. Those are Photon Torpedoes with a 33% chance to open a Gravimetric Rift, which holds the Target and causes more damage.
  3. Replace the Proton Particle Stabilizer and your Phaser Relays with Phaser Relays from the Fleet Spire.
  4. Same goes for the Neutronium Alloy and the RCS Accelerator. Replace them with the Fleet versions from the Dilithium Mine for extra Turn rate and Resistance.
  5. Unfortunately there are no Fleet Field Generators. Instead you may try out Fleet Emitter Arrays instead. They have several extra abilities to choose from. You can find those at the Embassy.
  6. If you want to try Fleet Weapons, you'll find those at the Starbase.
  7. With the increased Turn rate (No. 4), you may consider using a Dual Beam Bank or two up front. In any case, I would switch places between the KCB and an Aft Phaser Beam Array.
  8. Everything else seems solid. Always remember: If your build works for you and you have fun with it, then it is awesome. Of course, it can be tweaked every now and then, but you need to feel comfortable with it. If you do, that your build is perfect.
Hi thanks for the advice and im sure that when we can purchase fleet equipment we will make those necessary changes to consoles and so on, the respec is something we can look at and will do once again many thanks for the advice.
Thats some great advice i will work on respecing my skills tonight and as and when we can start buying some bits we can get some better ones

Again thank you very much look forward to trying these out.
Those are all great suggestions above. Rethinking the skill tree can make a big difference. The one thing I'd add is if you are looking to maximize damage output, you might want to rethink using phasers. Their proc is considered more or less useless in PvE. Fleet anti-proton and Romulan plasma are probably considered the best for damage output. It's a big investment though and if you're happy with the phasers they are solid too, especially in PvP.
if you have the fleet marks and the dilithium for it try to invest in some fleet core and/or console. The console are the best in the game and will give you nice boost even over the Mk XI
Well i have tweaked stuff about on my skills i will get it updated so you can take a look but seems to be doing alot more damage and tanking well also turns alot better now aswell which is always gd

Cheers for you help look forward to flying with you all
Hi there

just after a little bit more advice from any one that can help

Im looking at changing bits on my ship as in the Shields and Engines and Deflector now i have the Borg Set on which is a MKXI

Now i was going to update it to the MKXII ones as ll a bit more powerfull but then there is the Fleet Set.

My question is should i get the Borg MKXII set so i keep the Borg Tractor beam as i like using this and it does come in handy or should i get the Fleet set but i cant make up my Mind about it.

I will be redoing my Ship Loadouts as i swap between 3 ships depending on what mood i am in either my Assault Cruiser Refit or the Tactical Odyssey or the Fleet Dreadnought

I have bought some new consoles which have helped alot and my ship does well but i think i can maybe with your help get a bit more out of it,

This is my Assault Cruiser Refit Build http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?buil...refit_3695

This is my Dreadnought build http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillpla...adnought_0
(oh except i have the Fleet version now so i have the extra Tactical Console with another phaser relay in it.)

I will double check these tonight and update as needed as at work at the mo

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