Skill Planner - Romulan Shipyard
T'varo and it's Retrofit/Fleet versions are still missing it's images (I love to look at ship when I build it Tongue )

Also, icon of Plasma Destabilizer console is wrong, there is proper one on that link from Wiki, but can't find bigger picture (and somehow my Lightshot got bugged so couldn't take it myself).

And while writing this, I went through the list of Romulan shipyard, so I'll just post what's missing.
Scorpion Fighter
Dhael has wrong one (Dhelan instead of it's own)
Ar'Kif//Retrofit Carrier/Fleet

Mirror ones I'll skip, most of them are still fresh.

Last, but not least, Ar'Kif/Ar'Kala are under wrong Rank, they belong to Commander with D'Deridex.

Some federation ships with wrong images in skill planner:

Tactical Escort Refit - image is of the Defiant class instead of the Sao Paulo class

Heavy Escort Carrier - image is of the Thunderchild class instead of the Armitage class

Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit - image is of the Excelsior class instead of the Excelsior refit class (the wiki doesn't have a good angle for an image; the image on the wiki at the top right seems to be be very similar to the one on memory alpha LOL

Missed a couple fed ships with wrong images:

Assault Cruiser Refit - has the image of the Sovereign instead of the Regent

Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit - image is of the Sovereign instead of the Imperial class

Awesome. I appreciate the hard work in finding things like this.

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