Web page listing fleet members and stats
Just my thoughts on what you listed before we proceed.

Level and crafting skill aren't necessary. Those two could be constantly changing (increasing) and eventually people reach the max.

Willing to craft wont be needed because we have a chief fabrication officer (crafter) who will handle that after the promotion ceremony (sent a message out a few minutes ago in game).

Also, to make life easier, I could just create a page where fleet members can enter their information and it'll automatically store it in the database.

Dont think the Account Status is necessary either.
For instance, at the moment I am a Gold member, but I have the option to cancel my subscription and continue playing for free. A lot of other people might be the same, so like the level and crafting, this may change often.
Yeah, anything that would change, especially if it changes often, shouldn't be included because its hard to keep up to date. We would have:

Character Image
Handle (this is really how to contact someone)
Character Name
Primary Ship
Play Style (PvE, PvP)
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