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Do we have any other Linux users in the fleet? I'm currently running Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on my desktop and laptop. Getting STO to work was a little bit of a challenge but with PlayOnLinux and the directions on WineHQ I was able to get it working.
I've tried it for few times (on Debian and Ubuntu 13.04), but finally gave up because my GPU is not so great, and most of the time I had to wait for 20+ minutes for game to load...

But still, if they ever make native Linux client, I would always play with joy on it Smile
Dang, I haven't been on Linux for a while (even don't know which Ubuntu version I have currently), over 600MB of updates, and I have 2 programs that I've installed after installing OS.

So, what I want to know are your PC specifications, to compare with mine and see do I get close enough on performance, and can you link me or guide through how to set it up properly?
Which version of POL, Wine?
Any bugs/graphic glitches/long loading to expect?

Help me, Sir, to become free again! Smile
It's an older system. I'm currently running a 3Ghz Core2Duo with 6GBs of RAM and the video card is only a Geforce 8600GTX with 256MB of memory. The only thing I really need to make it better for STO is a newer video card and to get the max RAM, 8GBs, my motherboard supports.
Well, if you can run it, it should be easier for me (Phenom II x4, HD6450, 8GB ram).
I've been reading in WineHQ some details, it seems that I've missed one detail last time, to set game in window mode because full-screen can really slow it down.
I'm running in Windowed/Maximized, it's still full-screen but runs like it's Windowed. Also it always loads slow the first time I open STO after an update, it stops at the Lagacy of Romulus screen for almost a minute sometimes.
Just saw that the newest update includes a Mac client, I wonder if there will ever be one for Linux.
Finally got time to test it out...

Ubuntu 13.04, 64bit
AMD Phenom II x4 840
2x4GB Corsair DDR3

Steady 30+ frames on lowest settings, but that just means that I have to hurry with GPU upgrade Smile

It was quite easy to set it up as well, Wine 1.7.14 + IE8 + vcrun2008
Only thing that it took quite time to pass loading screen (one with Romulan insignia, about 5 minutes) and had to log in game after it loaded.

About Mac version, I haven't tested it (don't have Mac), but from what I've heard, it's run by Mac version of program similar to Wine?
So it's not fully Mac client and I would not have high hopes for Linux version...

One trick that I've found on STO WineHQ, and it helps in reducing loading time.

"However, I changed the IE boot from
Native then built in Arrow Built in then native."
It's under Wine Configuration/Libraries/iexplorer.exe and just editing it there works perfectly.
I noticed the other day when I played STO on a friends Win7 laptop that it takes a little bit to get past the Lagacy of Romulus screen the first time you load the game on Windows too. I will have to try that fix though to see if it gets rid of that.

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