Build advice on fleet assualt cruiser retro first draft
Hey All,

I have been trying to build a high dps high survivabilty fleet assault cruiser after reaching the peak of what I could do with my fleet escort. Trial and error testing is getting to costly so any advice on where I need to go from here is much appreciated.

Please note... Its a first attempt at a2b. I have just been spamming eps1 a2b epw1 a2b apb1 and faw3 in tray 7. I know this is completely wrong!

Also I am just shy of maco xii gear so my shields and warp core are weak. Major troubles with cruising speed and turn rate in stf.

Thanks All

Assult Cruiser III

ShipFleet Assault Cruiser Refit


Rogan fleet assualt first draft
Being that you have more skills invested in beams, why not drop the torp and add BFAW instead of the THY you have? With the two-piece Kinetic Beam and Borg console you have a bonus protection to weapon power drain which makes an all-beam build pretty effective, especially with Aux2Bat and Plasmonic Leech. As much as I love the 180-quantum it has a horrible refire rate and your beam overload would do just as well if you have the right doff setup. I would also probably swap APO for APB as with a beam setup you can stay farther out of range where tractors wouldn't be an issue. Run either the Strategic Maneuvering or the weapons-based cruiser command to make this even more effective, especially if you need help with turn rate. You might want to look into getting a Tachyokinetic Converter from the Lobi store, this will help fix turn rate issues and also buff your crit rate and damage. The Borg 2-piece set you're running is pretty good for survivability so it should do you fine until you get to MACO if that's your end goal, but be aware the MACO shield won't work with Plasmonic Leech so keep the fleet one you have.
Bit of an aside but I'm always cautious to recommend lobi gear to someone to improve a build. As much as I love Tachyokinetic converter, the existence of Enhanced RCS/Neutronium consoles means unless I'm maxing my critical numbers I seldom use the console (or if I'm juicing a temporal build Big Grin ). Not sure if you've gone ahead and bought it or if it was already on your build (if so, apologies) but if it was me I'd drop it either way.

I'd definitely +1 the idea of using the 2 piece borg set. I know you have the Dulmar doff but since that will only proc with DEM you'll juice something extra from your build with the 2 piece (plus KCB is generally a good weapon to have on most builds). Speaking of which, are you using 3 purple technicians - if you're cycling 2 copies of A2B you might be able to get away with just 2 once you've run through a couple of cycles. Some people believe it works for them, some don't. For me, it does (just about) so something for you to think about and experiment with - will free up an extra doff slot for an EPtX doff or whatever.

As far as other gear goes, I like the choice of Spiral Waves. The purist might say for the extra crits you'd want to swap out to Antiproton but I'm a big fan of SW so rock them! I see your device slots are empty - I assume you have the usual of Subspace Field Mod etc but one thing to consider is deuterium surplus (available from the Alheia daily, (spelling?)). Will give you some nice turn boosts when needed and EM is on cooldown.

One last thing - get rid of that shield emitter amp! The extra regen is in no way worth it (even if you're running a regen shield, which you're not) and you'd be far better served with a field generator for extra capacity.

Since you're using plasmonic leech already I'd ditch energy syphon and use transfer shield strength for extra tanking potential.

Sorry the reply is a bit haphazard, I lack structure to a response but hopefully its some use!

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