Is there a meaning behind your ship's name? If so, what is it?
Hey guys! Just for a chance to get to know you guys better I thought I would see what the names of your ships are and if there's a particular reason for the name. I'll start off. My Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort is named the Shrike. A shrike is a small bird of prey that kills by impaling their catches on thorns or other sharp objects. Here's a pic of a shrike impaling another bird. It seemed only fitting since the Hirogen Escort is one of the smaller ships in the game and its a hunter vessel.    
Less of a story, but my 'I always end up back at this ship' ship (my Temporal Destroyer) is named the Xuereb which is my partners surname Smile

We also have:
JHDC which is named the Leamington (after the town I live in)
Fleet Intrepid named after my university, the Keele

Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. No doubt this reveals too much about my personal life, will swiftly be tracked down and have my financial identity stolen but thats life ^^
Well, I try to name my Ships according to their purpose. For Starfleet vessels, they are in english, for KDF vessels in klingon and for RRF Ships in latin, due to the lack of a proper Romulan dictionary. Examples:
  • U.S.S. Savage Birds (Caitian Atrox Carrier)
  • U.S.S. Millenium (Chimera Heavy Destroyer aka 1000 Day Veteran Ship)
  • I.K.S. NawloghDuj (Kar'Fi Battle Carrier - rough translation "Ship of Squadrons")
  • R.R.W. Acinaces Legion (Scimitar Dreadnaught Warbird - "Scimitar of the Legion")
  • R.R.W. Astrum Pugna (Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught Carrier - "Battlestar")
  • S.S. Mercator Rex (Tuffli Class Freighter - "King of Merchants")
You get the picture. Smile

(03-02-2014, 10:03 PM)TacPaddy Wrote:
  • U.S.S. Savage Birds (Caitian Atrox Carrier)

Instantly sprang to mind that the U.S.S. Flappy Birds might be a better name Tongue . Or the U.S.S. Angry Birds.
Damn social media spreading mind numbing yet highly addictive games...
(Ody Cruiser[Cstore]) USS Anti-Proton... has purple XII Fleet Anti-proton beams.
(Flt Avenger) USS Nanite-Disruptors... has purple XI Nanite Disruptor beams.
(Flt Defiant) USS Phased-Polaron has purple XII Phases Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons + XII Purple PPTurrets.
(Galaxy Retrofit)( USS Phasers has purple XI phaser beams.
(Cstore Prometheus) USS Tetroyon has blue XI tetryon dual heavy cannons plus XI blue turrets.

The rest haven't a good name.
Breen Chel Grett Warship, Dyson Science Destroyer, Dyson Strategic Science Destroyer, Risian Corvette, Escort Retro, Obelisk, Adv Research Retro, are all named weird ... uninteresting ... names. When I decide what weapons to put on 'em, I'll change 'em. Big Grin

On my main Federation character, I fly a Wells Temporal Science Vessel called the Reset Button. That's in honor of the infamous writing weaknesses in latter-day Trek shows, especially common in the Voyager series, in which the previous episode's events have absolutely no ramifications on the current or future episodes.

On my currently focused Klingon character, I call my ship the Moth to a Flame. That character flies a Pegqu' Heavy Destroyer. Although since purchasing the Fleet version and otherwise upgrading the vessel's equipment the ship is quite survivable, in its early incarnations, I died. A lot.

Another KDF character flies a Bortas'qu, which I call the Lumbering Beast, for obvious reasons.

In general, I use the random ship name generator, although I'll typically reroll to get something that sounds nice. If I do give a ship a unique name, it's typically a pun or tongue-in-cheek reference to something or other. There's only a couple of characters who use a ship with a serious name. My main, though long-ignored, KDF character flies a ship called the Tegolar. Being a Nausicaan, I thought the name of the Nausicaan sword was a nice ship name. My KDF-aligned Romulan tactical officer flies a ship called the Venatrix, which is latin for "huntress".
(03-02-2014, 10:44 PM)lsloan31 Wrote:
Instantly sprang to mind that the U.S.S. Flappy Birds might be a better name Tongue . Or the U.S.S. Angry Birds.
Damn social media spreading mind numbing yet highly addictive games...
Yeah, but Atrox is latin for savage, so it was a no-brainer. Wink
My dreadnought is the U.S.S. Falce Mortis or bad Latin for Death Scythe, because I use it to mow through my enemies.
I HAD named one of my ships "USS Enter Name Here" and "USS Unnamed Ship"

My Captain is named Michael Myers.... ship name HADDONFIELD..... if you don't get that reference I pity you

but my fleet ship I named it my last name BARSTOW

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