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I have a simple question, and I asked it in the chat, but I don't remember getting an answer. Does the fleet do anything related to roleplaying? I know there are other guilds related to the topic, but I think it could, to some degree, help the fleet better know each other and do more things together. I think maybe a big part of this is also biased towards the fact that I run a roleplaying website and that I love it to death. But as I don't want to join another guild, as I love you guys all so much, I couldn't bare to be in a second guild. I was hoping that, if we don't, something small could be set up for it?
I havent done any roleplaying in MMOs but i do run and play DnD and other such RPGs so the concept is familiar. I think it would be interesting but i dont know all that much about Star Trek so might be limited that way.
Well I guess it inevitably comes down to if Attilio is cool if some of us do it. I am still working out details, but I would presume it shouldn't be overly difficult. The biggest challenge would be getting a story working. But I guess that's what the foundry is for, too. Maybe to start off, just run some foundry missions, and then create our own?
I tend to play in RP mode most of the time. I cant stand the jogging around all over the place so have walk togged to a key. I enjoy the immersion factor of things. In Fleet/Guild chat I tend to be ooc but that dosnt bother me. I don't speak all that much anyways and just crouch in the corner watching most of the time =P.
By all means, RP away. It could be fun for the fleet.

Well Harkonnen, I would presume the chat channel will be local, or team. But probably local since it shows emotes too. Personally, I was disappointed that, unlike Pirates of the Carribean Online (Yes I did play that once XD), you can't board someone else's ship, say in PvP or even PvE and board enemy ships. I know it'd now be harder to work in as a concept, but it would have been super cool. I'll post a new topic when I feel I have a good point to start at.
I would love to do some RP, personally Tongue

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