Assault cruiser refit VS fleet assault cruiser refit
I am currently looking at buying the Fleet assault cruiser, but i am wondering if going throught the Assault cruiser refit is worth it to get there .

it's more expensive : 2500 zen + 500 zen (or 8M EC) vs 2000 zen ( or about 24M EC ) but you do get the Wide angle quantum torp and metro gaz canister (i don't really care about the second one) . So i am wondering if the Wide angle Torpedo is worth it (vs a MXII or MXI quantum torp) ?.

I do like the idea to be able to fire from the flank allowing it to use all the weapons at once (my poor power level!) but it is expensive.
Heh, I'm not sure if its the most damage efficient, but I love the torpedo. Additionally, not sure if its relevant to you, but you get the ship and console on all your fed characters...
What you need to consider is one or more questions.

Are you ever going to use the Fleet Assault Cruiser on another toon?

If yes, buy the C-Store version and then get a fleet.

If no, ask yourself how valuable is the console and wide angle quantum launcher for your ship plan?

If you consider it valuable and worthwhile, then buy the C-Store version and put the two things on the Fleet version.

If no then ask yourself do I have the loose Zen kicking around to buy the ship anyway and never have to worry about these choices again?

If yes, buy the ship.

In no, then just get the Fleet ship and call her a day.

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